How We Are Different

Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Northland Credit Corporation has established itself over 50 years of as one of the nation’s top-performing commercial equipment lenders and has proven that a direct lender can help businesses, both big and small, obtain the financial resources they need, when they need them most.

Our team works directly with our customers to provide the foundational capital and future financial resources they need to keep their businesses strong. Northland Credit Corporation is a company of quality, commitment and character. Our experienced and knowledgeable representatives are committed to providing the best service, most creative financial programs, and the most competitive rates possible.

Direct Lender

As a direct lender, we process your application quickly and efficiently. This also means we continue to serve as your financing partner throughout the term of your contract. We look beyond traditional lending practices to develop solutions that help you grow your business.

Entrepreneur Focused

We offer our clients the opportunity to start and grow a successful business. Unlike many lenders, we look for opportunities to finance first-time equipment buyers and those with challenging credit.

Fast and Flexible Financing Solutions

We provide the capital resources you need, when you need them. Because all approvals are processed by our in-house team, we are often able to approve requests with 48 hours of receiving an application.

We Look At More Than Just Credit

It can be difficult to obtain financing from many traditional banks and lenders when you have difficult credit, are a new company, or have minimal funds for a down payment. At NCC, we are different. We look for a way to say “Yes!” to our customers credit applications.

Industry Expertise

We provide lending exclusively for commercial equipment. With our nearly 50 years of knowledge and experience we understand your business and we know what it takes to get you up and running.

Whether your dream is to transport goods from coast to coast, operate large equipment at a job site, transport passengers, or deliver packages to businesses and homes, we can help you get up and running.
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